Being Catholic Is Awesome (Explained by Disney Princesses)

I am a young woman in college. Those who know me would say I’m a rain-loving and beanie wearing hipster, coffee addict, and bookworm. They would also say I’m passionately catholic. Of these identities, the most important is my faith. Being catholic is literally my favorite thing in the world and I thought I’d share some of the things I get a little excited about with my faith. (Through Disney characters of course).


1.) Praise and Worship– Basically a time to get crazy and praise Jesus like he deserves. No judging is accepted. You just sing and dance to worship the most amazing God. So beautiful.



2.) Confession– Where your soul gets a new start. We sin, we’re human. The good news is that God loves us so much, He forgives us. You walk in as a sinner, weighed down by guilt and the nastiness that is sin. You walk out a new and beautiful saint, with the power of God’s grace to help you fight sin. So cool.



3.) Eucharistic Adoration- Well, there aren’t really words. How to describe the indescribable joy and peace of staring at our Lord, just being in his presence? I don’t know. So incredibly awesome.



4.) Catholic Gentlemen- Nothing makes a girl feel more like a princess than a gentleman who treats her as such. A man who treats you with dignity and worth, who is chaste and virtuous, is a real-life prince. (Move aside Mr. Beast).



5.) Personal Relationship with Our King– You have a personal relationship with the King of Kings. He may be Creator of Heaven and Earth, but he still has the time to listen to his sons and daughters. And he loves you more than you could ever imagine.



6.) NFP Babies- Big catholic families are just the cutest. Hang around the church enough, you’ll probably end up as an honorary relative to some cute kiddos. After all, it takes a village (church) to raise a family, right?



7.) Volunteering for Food Events- Spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, fish fries, and the list goes on. It doesn’t stop there. Mission trips, soup kitchens, food drives, and other charities. Serving others is what Jesus called us to do and it’s just the best thing in the world. (Matthew 25:34-40)



8.) Women’s Sessions- Probably the best part of retreats and conferences. This is a time for just us girls to get together and lift each other up as fellow daughters of God. It’s also a great time to do each other’s hair, sing songs, and eat lots of chocolate.



9.) Two Words. Catholic Weddings- I mean, this one is just self-explanatory.



10.) Fangirling about Jesus- Who doesn’t like to talk about Jesus? He’s so awesome and I mean, he died for our sins and all. Basically he’s the coolest person in the universe. (Fangirling as I write this).



11.) Meeting a Cute New Catholic- You see a cute guy walk into church by himself and it’s all over from there.



12.) Getting Ready to Receive the Eucharist- The eagerness and excitement that you feel is so overwhelming but you’re at church so you try to contain it to a respectful and reverent posture.



13.) We’re Royalty- Our Heavenly Father is King of the universe. Since we’re all his sons and daughters, that makes us all princes and princesses.



14.) The Blessed Mother- Fangirling about Mary is definitely a thing. I mean she was born without sin, immaculately conceived. She also carried Jesus around in her womb for nine months, talk about holy envy. She was the very first tabernacle. Also, Momma Mary was crowned Queen of Heaven, so if you need some intercession, she’s a pretty good option. She’s so cool and worthy of fangirling that Mulan can’t even pour her tea straight.



Catholicism is just the coolest.



10 thoughts on “Being Catholic Is Awesome (Explained by Disney Princesses)

  1. Haha, love this!! My daughter has an instagram acct called @god.and.disney where she is always posting edits relating to…you guessed it, God and Disney! 😀 I love your #10, fangirling about Jesus. He is AWESOME!!


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